About Our Healthy Alliance

Our Healthy Alliance is a collaboration between RoadMap and Movement Strategy Center

The idea for Our Healthy Alliance sprang from RoadMap’s great success in creating and using the My Healthy Organization assessments. Feedback from organizations using MHO confirms it is a unique and useful assessment approach. As alliances approached them, RoadMap recognized that collaborations among many groups needed a tool specifically tailored to their goals.

At the same time, Movement Strategy Center was taking stock of its years of experience helping social justice alliances form, grow, and strengthen. In talks with RoadMap, Movement Strategy Center saw the potential for capturing its insights in a new assessment tool: Our Healthy Alliance.

In a yearlong collaboration, RoadMap and Movement Strategy Center have partnered to develop, test, and launch Our Healthy Alliance, the first assessment tool specifically designed for alliances engaged in social change and movement building.

For information about our collaboration, or for Our Healthy Alliance assessment and capacity-building packages contact:

RoadMap Consulting – OHA inquiries

Movement Strategy Center- OHA inquiries