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Our Healthy Alliance assessment helps your new alliance or existing one take stock of your work, structure and culture, and decide what you want to strengthen for the future.


The only assessment tool specifically tailored to alliances that want to make social change and build social change movements

Our Healthy Alliance was designed by experienced alliance consultants—and tested by seasoned alliance leaders—to help alliances increase their capacity to be strategic, effective, and sustainable.

The Our Healthy Alliance can help your alliance:

  • Assess your strengths and challenges through a survey that alliance staff and members use to reflect and analyze.
  • Interpret the results with an understanding of how alliances evolve and what choices and plans they can make to become more strategic, effective, and sustainable.
  • Begin honest and healthy dialogue informed with ideas for next steps.

Movement Strategy Center and RoadMap are proud to collaborate on "Our Healthy Alliance," specifically designed to foster strategic alliances for social justice.

10 areas of alliance development including

  • theory of change / power analysis
  • campaign models
  • alliance composition and trusting relationships
  • strategic communications
  • infrastructure

Our Healthy Alliance is ideal for alliances that seek to:


Make deeper impacts at a larger scale


Respond more effectively to a changing political landscape


Increase depth and power through a vibrant and trusting alliance culture

Detailed Reports

Our Healthy Alliance assessment tool provides detailed reports featuring easy-to-read graphs and sortable tables that allow alliance leaders and members to easily view and understand the results.

  1. PDF & CSV Export
    You can view your report online or, for added convenience, you can save it as a PDF and/or CSV to email or print.
  2. Accessible Results
    As each person completes the assessment survey our system automatically tallies and scores their responses, capturing valuable information you can use.
  3. Divergence/Alignment
    The “alignment meter” lets you quickly see how much agreement or disagreement there is in your alliance responses.

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